Feedback on Class

   This course like many other courses I have taken at Hunter was constructed by a larger lecture class accompanied with a small discussion section with a discussion leader. Unlike past classes I have taken with this structure, I believe the section proved to be the most beneficial for my learning process. The hands on work practiced in the lecture was not only helpful but also a lot more fun than listening to someone lecture for two hours straight on concepts that are almost only learn-able when practiced. For example, when we began the unit on Photoshop we spent two lectures watching the professor scroll through the different tolls and aspects of the program. This was a somewhat ineffective way of teaching the subject. Photoshop is the kind of system that is best learned through the users own trial and error. This was proven in our section when we spent class time learning Photoshop for ourselves. If we ran into any problems we could as the teacher or another peer for help, I don’t one person looked back to their notes from the previous lecture for guidance.

      Throughout the course of the class I realized that I am not as technologically savvy compared to other people of my age range. I learned that some of the material practiced in class took me a bit longer then some other students to grasp and I was required to take more time out of class. Like many other students I was completely new to HTML and I relied quit a but on some of my peers help in learning the tricks of the program. But once I got a feel for HTML and with practice it did not seem as daunting and came to me much easier. This lead to a skill I very much wanted to obtain, which was how to build a website. This a skill that I think will prove to be very useful in the very near future.

I went into this class knowing I was taking it with a friend I like to work with because our strengths and weaknesses balance the other one’s out. Knowing this from the beginning of class we naturally decided to be lab partners. When working on group assignments together we always worked well and efficiently, keeping the other one on task and taking both of our opinions into consideration. A rewarding part of working together is we were not afraid to ask each other for help or an opinion on our individual assignments. We both also made acquaintances in class that we could talk to about course material and different challenging assignments.

I would say a major highlight of the semester that was also the most challenging was the first assignment to write a creative statement. I had never been asked to look at my self so introspectively to understand what makes me an artist or creative person. This was extremely beneficial for me as a person because I was forced to look at my strengths and weaknesses and understand how they work towards the success of my goals. This is an extremely important exercise for all college students because it gives us a chance to reflect on what inspires us how we can use these inspirations to help us realize our goals for the future.

One thing I was a little disappointed about the class was that there was not enough video an film assignments. As a  film major and this being a pre-req for my major I was hoping there would be more opportunities to work with video. I think the class focused too much on media and not enough on film and a better balance needs to be seen in the curriculum. We only had one camera assignment that was devoted to one class. For future Media 150 classes I would recommend they shorten the lecture sections or to at least 30-45 minutes closer. We were often let our early anyway and two hours is too long to obtain information that is best learned through hands on work.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this class and treasure the information I learned throughout the semester. This might be the first class that I actually enjoyed most of the work that was assigned. Sure, there were certain assignments that I dreaded like HTML; but once I sat down and forced myself to learn it I was able to use my creatively to make something I am proud of.


HTML Haiku Assaignment

HTML Haiku


Feild Trip Report

For my field trip assignment I decided to go to the MoMA not solely based on the fact that it is free with my CUNY i.d. and I could go at my own convenience but because I have been there only a few times before. The past few times I went there to see the photography section and and search out a few pieces by some of my favorite artists like Frida Kahlo. But I had never really taken the time to explore other sections of the museum and really get a taste of what it has to offer.

So I decided to take to the trip to the MoMA with a good friend in toe and an open mind to explore the museum in the hopes of stumbling upon something new and compelling. When we arrived we strolled up the stairs and wondered through one room after another, not really being struck my anything in particular. We Then walked by a room that sounded like it had some kind of video exhibit and decided to go in. When I came to the entrance of the space it was being blocked by other museum goers but the room it lead to appeared to be relatively empty. As I poked my head through the crowed and nudged my way in, it became clear that the rectangular room had videos projecting on either side. One side was showing video of what I thought was the New York stock exchange and the other showed interviews of Nigerian fisherman living on the Niger Delta. The piece was call Project 97 by Mark Boulos.

The best way to properly view the two images was to stand against one of the walls not depicting the images. When people came in and tried to fill the remaining room in the middle they looked awkward, like they were struggling to look back and forth. This clearly discouraged some people that only came in for a minute or two and then walked out.

However, This exhibit intrigued me. The Artist was giving a controversial view by showing indigenous people suffering in a place where their natural resource of oil was being harvested and exported. And directly across from them, I later came to learn, projected images of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on the first day of the 2008 credit crisis. The loud yelling and chaos of the full room of Chicago Mercantile exchange played a sharp contract to the quiet bush sounds of the Niger Delta and the cries of exploration from its fisherman.

This was an exhibit that I would not have initially set out to go see but I was glade I was able to discover it for myself. I learned that art can be created in a completely different way that I have never really opened my eyes to. I knew such a thing was out and I have seen similar pieces. But it was not until now that I really understood it’s goal or meaning of what the artist was trying to convey.

Haiku Exercise

Set Dress

A minor detail

It is something more than that

Can you see my art

Camera Exercise- “Just Right”

We had an assignment in which we had to create a short by using only in-camera edits. We chose the theme of large medium and small.

Romantic Friendship: Questions

I noticed quite a few of your web shows have to do with queer feminism. Is this because it is a specific intrest of your’s or do you think that the Feminist community is poorly represented in the Queer community?

To expand on this, do you think the Queer community has more of a focus on male sexuality?

What made you decide to create a radio show with a focus like this?

What problems have you come across with the show?


Alphabet Assignment


Photoshop exercise


Today in class we worked on an exercise in photoshop where we had to take an overexposed picture and an underexposed picture and equal them out.

To do this I used I adjusted the 

levels, curves, brightness, and hues.